MøveMe - helps you to get new perspectives.



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MoveMe is a process tool that promotes meta-reflection. It is a tool that consists of a total of 50 questions and statements divided into 3 zones - that are relevant in an organizational context. The three zones are:

Me+Myself (16 questions and statements)
Me+You (15 questions and statements)
Me+We (19 questions and statements)

In addition, there is an additional category of 18 reflection questions and statements that invite you to reflect on where you can take your thoughts and meta-reflections further and turn it into action. This category of cards is called:
Head, Heart, Hands.

The process tool is available in three versions, a phone app (in Play and Appstore), a web app version, as well as a physical set of question/statement cards and a guidebook.

MøveMe is only a small part of the project's tools, since the purpose was precisely to create a participant-owned paradigm shift.

Now you able to buy the physical card-game and guidebook and the included guidebook.